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Armed conflict and conflict management

Read more about SIPRI's research on armed conflict and conflict management

SIPRI Yearbook 2015: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security
ISBN 978-0-19-873781-0

SIPRI Yearbook 2014: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security
ISBN 978-0-19-871259-6

Opportunities and challenges for civil society contributions to peacebuilding in Mali
Gaudence Nyirabikali
SIPRI Insights on Peace and Security no. 2016/1

Scenarios for South Sudan in 2020: Peace: the only thing worth fighting for
Jaïr van der Lijn
ISBN 978–90–70443–93–1

Managing conflict and integration in the South Caucasus: a challenge for the European Union
Neil Melvin and Giulia Prelz Oltramonti

The consensus on Mali and international conflict management in a multipolar world
Xenia Avezov and Timo Smit
SIPRI Policy Brief

Relations between Afghanistan and Central Asian states after 2014: Incentives, Constraints and Prospects
Nargis Kassenova
ISBN 978–91–85114–84–9

Peacekeepers at risk: the lethality of peace operations
Jaïr van der Lijn and Jane Dundon
SIPRI Policy Brief

Measuring conflict exposure in micro-level surveys: the Conflict Survey Sourcebook
Tilman Brück, Patricia Justino, Philip Verwimp and Andrew Tedesco
SIPRI Policy Brief

Development assistance in Afghanistan after 2014: from the military exit strategy to a civilian entry strategy
Jaïr van der Lijn
SIPRI Insights on Peace and Security no. 2013/4

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Armed conflict and conflict management

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