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SIPRI Publications

Research Reports (old series)

Classic Research Reports from 1969–74

The Effects of Developments in the Biological and Chemical Sciences on CW Disarmament Negotiations
Vitali Zubov
SIPRI Research Report No. 13

French Nuclear Tests in the Atmosphere: The Question of Legality
by Jozef Goldblat
SIPRI Research Report No. 12

Ten Years of the Partial Test Ban Treaty 1963–1973
by Jozef Goldblat
SIPRI Research Report No. 11

The Meaning and Measurement of Military Expenditure
by Ron Huisken
SIPRI Research Report No. 10

The Origins of MIRV
by Herbert York
SIPRI Research Report No. 9

Prospects for Arms Control in the Ocean
by Sven Hirdman
SIPRI Research Report No. 7

Strategic Arms Limitation Part II
by Jozef Goldblat
SIPRI Research Report No. 6

Strategic Arms Limitation Part I
by Jozef Goldblat
SIPRI Research Report No. 5

Seismic Methods for Monitoring Underground Explosions - 1971 Progress Report
by David Davies
SIPRI Research Report No. 2

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