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SIPRI Publications

Older fact sheets (1984–2002)

Maintaining the Effectiveness of the Chemical Weapons Convention
by John Hart, Frida Kuhlau, Ronald Sutherland and Jean Pascal Zanders
Fact Sheet

Biotechnology and the Future of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention
by Jean Pascal Zanders, John Hart and Frida Kuhlau
Fact Sheet

Missile Defence and the ABM Treaty: A status report
by Shannon Kile
Fact Sheet

Iraq: The UNSCOM Experience
by Gunilla Flodén, Elisabeth French, Peter Jones, Natalie Pauwels and Jean Pascal Zanders
Fact Sheet

The Chemical Weapons Convention
by Jean Pascal Zanders, Susanna Eckstein and John Hart
Fact Sheet

Internationellt förbud mot kärnsprängningar
av Ragnhild Ferm

Om kärnvapen och försöken att stoppa deras spridning
av Ragnhild Ferm

Sources and Methods for SIPRI Research
by Ian Anthony, Paul George and Elisabeth Sköns
Fact Sheet

Crisis in Russia: Facts and Figures, People and Data
by Vladimir Baronovsky, Shannon Kile, Zdzislaw Lachowski and Signe Landgren
Fact Sheet

Post-Cold War Security in and for Europe
Fact Sheet

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