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SIPRI Publications

SIPRI monographs

The result of long-term, considered research and aim to set the standard for future research on their subject. They present findings and analysis reflecting the full spectrum of SIPRI research. Authors include both SIPRI researchers and respected academics and practitioners.

Subcategories: Stockholm Papers (1969–75), Strategic Issue Papers (1987–94)

The New Nuclear Forensics
edited by Vitaly Fedchenko
ISBN 978-0-19-873664-6

Security Activities of External Actors in Africa
edited by Olawale Ismail and Elisabeth Sköns
ISBN 978-0-19-968642-1

Arms Industry Transformation and Integration: The Choices of East Central Europe
Yudit Kiss
ISBN 978-0-19-927173-3

Governing the Bomb: Civilian Control and Democratic Accountability of Nuclear Weapons
edited by Hans Born, Bates Gill and Heiner Hänggi
ISBN 978-0-19-958990-6

Humanitarian Military Intervention: The Conditions for Success and Failure
by Taylor B. Seybolt
ISBN 978-0-19-925243-5 (hardback) 978-0-19-955105-7 (paperback)

Budgeting for the Military Sector in Africa: The Processes and Mechanisms of Control
Edited by Wuyi Omitoogun and Eboe Hutchful
ISBN 978-0-19-926266-3

The Nordic Countries and the European Security and Defence Policy
Edited by Alyson J. K. Bailes, Gunilla Herolf and Bengt Sundelius
ISBN 978-0-19-929084-0

Business and Security: Public–Private Sector Relationships in a New Security Environment
Edited by Alyson J. K. Bailes and Isabel Frommelt
ISBN 0-19-927450-9

Transparency in Nuclear Warheads and Materials: The Political and Technical Dimensions
Edited by Nicholas Zarimpas
ISBN 0-19-925242-4

The Regulation of Arms and Dual-Use Exports: Germany, Sweden and the UK
by Ian Davis
ISBN 0-19-925219-X

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