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SIPRI Publications

SIPRI Policy Papers

A series of brief reports, with policy recommendations, on topical arms control and security issues

The Future of the Chemical Weapons Convention: Policy and Planning Aspects
Mohamed Daoudi, John Hart, Ajey Lele and Ralf Trapp
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 35
ISBN 978-91-85114-74-0

China's Arctic Aspirations
Linda Jakobson and Jingchao Peng
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 34
ISBN 978-91-85114-73-3

Verifying a Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty: Technical and Organizational Considerations
Shannon N. Kile and Robert E. Kelley
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 33
ISBN 978-91-85114-72-6

Maritime Transport and Destabilizing Commodity Flows
Hugh Griffiths and Michael Jenks
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 32
ISBN 978-91-85114-71-9

Transparency in Military Spending and Arms Acquisitions in Latin America and the Caribbean
Mark Bromley and Carina Solmirano
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 31
ISBN 978-91-85114-70-2

Arms Flows to Sub-Saharan Africa
Pieter D. Wezeman, Siemon T. Wezeman and Lucie Béraud-Sudreau
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 30
ISBN 978-91-85114-69-6

China's Energy and Security Relations with Russia: Hopes, Frustrations and Uncertainties
Linda Jakobson, Paul Holtom, Dean Knox and Jingchao Peng
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 29
ISBN 978-91-85114-66-5

Implementing an Arms Trade Treaty: Lessons on Reporting and Monitoring from Existing Mechanisms
Paul Holtom and Mark Bromley
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 28
ISBN 978-91-85114-65-8

Conflict Minerals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Aligning Trade and Security Interventions
Ruben de Koning
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 27
ISBN 978-91-85114-64-1

New Foreign Policy Actors in China
Linda Jakobson and Dean Knox
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 26
ISBN 978-91-85114-63-4

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