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Global and regional security

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Canada's controls on arms exports to China
Mark Bromley
SIPRI Background Paper

Western Arms Exports to China
Oliver Bräuner, Mark Bromley and Mathieu Duchâtel
SIPRI Policy Paper No. 43
ISBN: 978-91-85114-87-0

Violence against healthcare workers in complex security environments
Rachel Irwin
SIPRI Background Paper

Russia’s Evolving Arctic Strategy: Drivers, Challenges and New Opportunities
Ekaterina Klimenko
SIPRI Policy Paper No. 42
ISBN 978-91-85114-86-3

Security Activities of External Actors in Africa
edited by Olawale Ismail and Elisabeth Sköns
ISBN 978-0-19-968642-1

Protecting China’s Overseas Interests: The Slow Shift away from Non-interference
Mathieu Duchâtel, Oliver Bräuner and Zhou Hang
SIPRI Policy Paper No. 41
ISBN 978-91-85114-85-6

Relations between Afghanistan and Central Asian states after 2014: Incentives, Constraints and Prospects
Nargis Kassenova
ISBN 978–91–85114–84–9

China’s Policy on North Korea: Economic Engagement and Nuclear Disarmament
Mathieu Duchâtel and Phillip Schell
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 40
ISBN 978-91-85114-82-5

China's Exports of Small Arms and Light Weapons
Mark Bromley, Mathieu Duchâtel and Paul Holtom
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 38
ISBN 978-91-85114-80-1 (English), ISBN 978-91-85114-83-2 (Chinese)

Development assistance in Afghanistan after 2014: from the military exit strategy to a civilian entry strategy
Jaïr van der Lijn
SIPRI Insights on Peace and Security no. 2013/4

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