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Executive Policing: Enforcing the Law in Peace Operations
Edited by Renata Dwan
SIPRI Research Report No. 16
ISBN 0-19-925824-4 (hardback) 0-19-926267-5 (paperback)

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The United Nations peace operations in Kosovo and East Timor are responsible for the enforcement of law and order, establishing local police forces, and protecting and promoting human rights. This executive authority distinguishes them from earlier missions where civilian police were deployed. In this book seven authors examine the legal and political implications, the training of international police in a multinational and multicultural context, the use of community policing, the crucial issue of cooperation between the military and the civilian police components, and what has been learned about planning for the handover to local authority.

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1. Introduction
Renata Dwan
2. The assumption of authority in Kosovo and East Timor: legal and practical implications
Colette Rausch
3. Policing from above: executive policing and peace implementation in Kosovo
Michael J. Dziedzic
4. Policing from below: community policing as an objective in peace operations
Eirin Mobekk
5. Civil–military cooperation: the military, paramilitaries and civilian police in executive policing
Annika S. Hansen
6. National police training within an executive police operation
Robert M. Perito
7. Transitions to local authority
Eric Scheye
8. Conclusions
Renata Dwan
Appendix A. UN Security Council resolutions 1244 and 1272
Appendix B. East Timor and Kosovo: maps and UN missions

About the editor
Renata Dwan (Ireland) is leader of the SIPRI Prevention, Management and Resolution Project and the project on International Policing: the New Agenda, and was previously deputy director of the East–West Institute's European Security Programme. She received her PhD in International Relations from Oxford University. She edited Building Security in Europe's New Borderlands: Subregional Cooperation in the Wider Europe (1999), co-edited (with Oleksandr Pavliuk) Building Security in the New States of Eurasia: Subregional Cooperation in the Former Soviet Space (2000) and has contributed chapters to the SIPRI Yearbook since joining SIPRI in 1999. At the time this book was completed she was on leave to serve as special adviser to the EU Police Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUPM) Planning Team in the secretariat of the Council of the European Union.

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Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-925824-4 - hardback, 144 pp.
ISBN 0-19-926267-5 - paperback, 144 pp.

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