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Towards a Regional Security Regime for the Middle East: Issues and Options
Report of the SIPRI Middle East Expert Group with a new afterword by Peter Jones
New edition, ISBN 978-91-85114-67-2

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Of all the world’s major regions only the Middle East lacks an inclusive system for dialogue and cooperation over security issues. Originally published in 1998, the report of the SIPRI Expert Group remains a landmark study by a distinguished group of regional experts on how such a system could be created in the Middle East.

In this edition, the original report is republished in its entirety, along with an extensive new afterword by the author identifying lessons from work to date on a regional security system that are relevant to today’s Middle East. This new edition is one of the most comprehensive, far-reaching examinations of regional security in one of the world’s most troubled areas.


1. Introduction
2. Basic concepts
3. Elements of a regional security regime for the Middle East
4. A way ahead
5. Towards a regional security regime for the Middle East: conclusions
Afterword. Lessons from the Arms Control and Regional Security Working Group

About the author

Peter Jones (Canada) is Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. He spent 14 years in the Canadian Public Service, dealing with arms control, proliferation and national security affairs. During that time, he was a member of the Canadian delegation to the Arms Control and Regional Security Working Group (ACRS) of the Middle East peace process. From 1995 to 1999, he led the Middle East Project at SIPRI.

Publisher: SIPRI
ISBN 978-91-85114-67-2
x+56 pp.
October 2011
Price: €10.00 per copy plus €5 shipping and handling per order


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