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Arms trade control capacity building: lessons from dual-use trade controls
Sibylle Bauer
SIPRI Insights on Peace and Security no. 2013/2

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For any multilateral arms trade controls regime to be effective, there must be capacity-building cooperation between the participating states—to share learning, to coordinate efforts and, most importantly, to help states with less developed trade control systems to bring their controls up to standard. The experience gained in two decades of capacity-building cooperation in the area of dual-use trade controls has much to offer in this regard.

Many of the lessons learned in dual-use trade control capacity-building are directly applicable, or at least instructive, for the conventional arms field. This SIPRI Insights paper seeks to identify and elaborate the most important transferable lessons from dual-use trade control capacity-building cooperation with a view to informing the ongoing negotiations towards a global arms trade treaty.


I. Introduction
II. Recent developments in strategic trade control cooperation
III. Dual-use trade control capacity-building programmes
IV. Relevance of dual-use experience to arms trade control
V. Lesson learned for capacity-building cooperation
VI. Conclusions

About the author

Sibylle Bauer (Germany) is Director of the SIPRI Dual-use and Arms Trade Control Programme. Since 2005 she has designed and implemented capacity-building activities in Europe and in South East Asia, with a focus on legal and enforcement issues related to the enhancement of transit, brokering and export controls for dual-use items. She was responsible for the EU’s first pilot project on dual-use export control capacity building and recommended action for the EU based on a survey of dual-use capacity-building efforts worldwide. Her publications include The European Union Code of Conduct on Arms Exports: Improving the Annual Report, SIPRI Policy Paper no. 8 (2004, co-author), and chapters in From Early Warning To Early Action? The Debate on the Enhancement of the EU’s Crisis Response Capability Continues (European Commission, 2008, co-author) and The Arms Trade (Routledge, 2010).

Publisher: SIPRI
20 pp.
March 2013


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