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China's Exports of Small Arms and Light Weapons
Mark Bromley, Mathieu Duchâtel and Paul Holtom
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 38
ISBN 978-91-85114-80-1 (English), ISBN 978-91-85114-83-2 (Chinese)

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China is a leading exporter of small arms and lights weapons (SALW) and is a popular supplier among states looking for inexpensive or alternative sources of SALW. While China has stated its commitment to preventing the illicit trade in SALW and formally recognizes the destabilizing effect that SALW transfers can have, it is one of the least transparent arms exporters.

This report is the first to comprehensively map Chinese policies and practices for controlling SALW transfers. The authors use their expertise in arms transfers and Chinese foreign policy to describe China's involvement in multilateral SALW control initiatives, detail its administrative system for granting export licences and map the destinations of Chinese SALW exports. This timely and detailed report will prove to be a useful resource for future studies of China's evolving approach to the control of SALW transfers.


中国的小武器和轻武器出口 中国是世界上主要的小武器和轻武器(简称“轻小武器”)出口国之一,也是 那些在寻找便宜或其他轻小武器来源国家的重要供应国。虽然中国已表示会承 担防止轻小武器非法贸易的义务,并也正式承认轻小武器的转让会产生不稳定 的影响,中国仍然是最不透明的武器出口国家之一。

这一政策报告是全面阐述中国在轻小武器转让控制方面的政策和实践的首 次尝试。作者利用他们在武器转让和中国外交政策的研究专长来描述中国与轻 小武器多边管制制度的交往及其颁发出口许可证的行政体系,并且介绍中国轻 小武器出口的目的地。这本及时详细的报告将会成为今后研究中国对轻小武器 转让控制制度态度的演变提供重要参考。


1. Introduction
2. Multilateral transfer control efforts
3. China's transfer controls
4. Mapping China's exports
5. Conclusions and recommendations

About the authors

Mark Bromley (United Kingdom) is a Senior Researcher with the SIPRI Arms Transfers Programme. His areas of research include European arms export controls, South American arms acquisitions and efforts to combat trafficking in small arms and light weapons.

Dr Mathieu Duchâtel (France) is head of SIPRI's China and Global Security Project and is SIPRI's representative in Beijing. His research interests include China's foreign and security policies in North East Asia and Europe–China relations.

Dr Paul Holtom (United Kingdom) is Director of the SIPRI Arms Transfers Programme. His main areas of research relate to monitoring and promoting transparency in international arms transfers and strengthening conventional arms transfer controls to prevent trafficking.

English version:      Chinese version:

Publisher: SIPRI
ISBN 978-91-85114-80-1 (English), ISBN 978-91-85114-83-2 (Chinese)
56 pp. (English), 50 pp. (Chinese)
October 2013 (English), March 2014 (Chinese)
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