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Opportunities and challenges for civil society contributions to peacebuilding in Mali
Gaudence Nyirabikali
SIPRI Insights on Peace and Security no. 2016/1

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Peace and security in Mali remained fragile at the end of 2015, despite the official endorsement in May and June 2015 of a peace agreement by all the parties to the political conflict. In order to consolidate Mali’s nascent peace, there is a need for continued efforts to establish a broadly shared understanding of the problem issues and to build genuine consensus on the options available for their resolution. Civil society has the potential to promote an inclusive dialogue among all stakeholders and to contribute to other peacebuilding activities. Opportunities for civil society contributions to the ongoing peace process arise from the conflict’s dynamics and the measures specified in the 2015 Peace Agreement. This SIPRI Insight on Peace and Security discusses some of the opportunities and challenges for civil society contributions to the ongoing peace process, and the policy implications for effective civil society contributions to the peacebuilding agenda in Mali

About the author

Dr Gaudence Nyirabikali (Rwanda/Sweden) is a Senior Researcher at SIPRI with the Mali Civil Society and Peacebuilding project. She has academic and fi eld-based research experience in peace-building processes and post-confl ict governance reforms, drawing particularly on research and fi eldwork in Angola, Mali, Northern Ireland and South Africa. Her research interests include the social and political dynamics within African post-colonial states, state-society relations and the quality of governance structures in relation to fostering political stability, sustainable peace and human security.

Publisher: SIPRI
20 pp.
March 2016


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